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Linda Klein

Linda Klein is a rapidly emerging California, Bay Area Artist who describes her herself as being on a creative journey to discover that elusive harmony between realism and abstraction. Identified as an Artist as early as Preschool, Klein has incorporated Art into just about every factor of her life.


Most recently her 'Splintered Wisdom' and 'Indigenous Transparency' Series have gained popularity, focusing on nature and ecology. Combining loose brush strokes of watercolors, she adds texture with collaged bits of images of litter and bark that she cleans up off of her adopted section of California scenic highways.


A large body of her most recent work adds graphite drawings of birds or figures to her treescapes, characterized by her measuring lines or 'tick marks'.

Additionally, these collages sometimes contain her nature photography work woven into the composition.


These paintings rejoice in nature and provide a gentle reminder to be better stewards of our planet, providing her own personal action towards cleaning up as well. 

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