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Tricia Rissmann

Tricia Rissmann is a contemporary abstract artist. She employs the power of color and texture allowing images to emerge and reveal themselves in her paintings that are full of unexpected balance, depth and harmony. 

Rissmann was born in San Francisco and currently lives and works in Oakland CA. She began painting at a very early age when she traveled with her grandmother to Europe. The old doors with years of paint inspired Tricia toward her artistic process. 

She attended the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design and enjoyed a successful career as a designer only to return full time to her greatest passion, painting. 

She has been collected, published and exhibited Internationally.

My drive to paint is innate. I simply must paint. I am inspired by my writings, music and life! I want to keep pushing the boundaries to find out what is there. I am inspired that through what I do, I may enable another person to open their mind, to remove the blinders and reach their possibilities. I strive to create work that moves others and myself. In the end I believe in staying true to what inspires me and allowing myself to open my soul and dive into the canvas.

My love of painting is also very much connected to my love of design, architecture and music. Every since I was a child, I have been drawn to color, balance, shape and especially to texture and form. I use these things to find unpredictable harmony and balance.

The paintings create a portal for the viewer to go through that I have gone through first. Each piece encompasses the complexities of human emotion presented and contained within the composition.

My job as an artist is to excavate mystery. The mystery is that which cannot be explained, the alchemy beyond technique and preconceived modern imagery.

Presently, I am using paint, chalk, putty, oil and pastels on wood panels finished with art resin. I paint layers on layers to create and unify other dissimilar elements that might otherwise not stand alone.

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